Compare Lightyear Wireless to Anyone Else…

When You Compare Lightyear Wireless to Anyone Else… There is No Comparison… PERIOD! Us… have up to a 90% front-end payout. Them… pay maybe a 35% if your lucky Us… up to $10-35 per person per month (the largest residual in the industry). Them… average $5. Us… up to 80% retention, incredible and unheard of!. […]

Why Lightyear Wireless?

Lightyear Wireless, a division of Lightyear Network Solutions. An 18 year old publically traded company with an A+ BBB rating, was established about 4 years ago.  Lightyear Wireless is likened to a Ground-Floor opportunity with a well-established company backing them. 80,000 sf. Customer Service Facility, Louisville, KY The Three Most Significant Factors in our Choice […]

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“The Financial Impact of Catching an Industry During its WEALTH BOOM Phase Cannot be Overstated!” It is the difference between scraping and clawing out a paycheck, like a job, or… developing massive cash-flow, retiring wealthy in 3-5 years, creating your DREAM lifestyle… and NEVER having to WORRY about MONEY ever again!  ”A Wealth Boom is […]

Your ULTIMATE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!.. The Pro20K Marketing Platform.

We’ve invested near a half-a-million dollars into systems development, research, and market testing.  Resulting in the development of our proprietary Pro20K Marketing Platform, created to SIMPLIFY & AUTOMATE all of your lead generation and prospect management functions, for EASY success in today’s marketing environment. “There is nothing available in the home-business arena as professional or […]

Atlas Partners Group… The #1 Team in Lightyear!

Atlas Partners Group was founded by several seasoned entrepreneurs, each with over 20 years’ experience in the home-business arena, and successful Entrepreneurs in their own right. Creating businesses with revenues exceeding 100’s of millions of dollars, they’ve helped launch the careers of several millionaires, mentored 100’s of high six-figure income earners, and directly impacted the […]

Atlas Partners Group… Quick Links!

Please read descriptions thoroughly!   These links are designed to help you understand what each site is used for and eliminate confusion.


Web Basics 101 – This is a short 6 minute video to assist the Novice on the web to understand the basics for easier navigation online.


*Pro20K Marketing Platform (

This is the Atlas Partners proprietary system for managing all of your contacts, automated email follow-up, and done-for-you marketing (the marketing that is done automatically for you through special voice and text messaging, and promotional mailings. 

This is where your Training resources are located and where you manage your prospects, …


Lightyear Back-Office (

This is where you can view your entire Customer & Distributor base and view all your commissions and related reports.  –> This is also where you can order “Lightmail” and “Magazines” by clicking on “Order Products”.


MyLightyear Command Center (

!Read Notes 1 & 2 Below!  Often referred to as your “Resource Center”.  This is where you can change your personal information under the “My Account” tab, which is where you would change your “Site Name” (“Site Name” is the same thing as your “Username”).

This is also where you can see your “Corporate” websites, however there is nothing you need to do here!  You will ONLY be promoting your “Pro20K” website NOT your “Lightyear Wireless Recruiting Website”.

Your “Pro20K Marketing Platform” automatically integrates with your “Lightyear Wireless Recruiting Website”.  The only exception is if you are promoting your “Lightyear Wireless Retail Site” for retail wireless sales to consumers, NOT representatives.

Two important notes!

  1. We DO NOT recommend spending any significant time here until you have completed you “Getting Started Checklist” in your Pro20K Marketing Platform.  There is simply TMI (Too Much Information) that will confuse you and will only confuse and detract from your success.
  2. If you change your Lightyear Wireless “Site Name” make sure you ALSO change this in the back-office of your “Pro20K Marketing Platform” under “Your Account” otherwise it can prevent proper website functionality between your corporate website and the “Pro20K Marketing Platform”.


Here are some other useful resources… – This is the provider we use for many of our 800 numbers and direct dial numbers, however we recommend Lightmail as your 800# provider for Business cards and Counter cards. – This is where you can purchase a redirect URL for your website.  Godaddy will try and sell you everything under the sun, but you only need the bare minimum of one year, no other services are needed.  Also we only recommend getting a .com or possibly a .com & .net if the URL’s are the same.  We suggest you stick to something VERY easy to say and spell (ie:,,, or similar).

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