Why Lightyear Wireless?

Lightyear Wireless, a division of Lightyear Network Solutions. An 18 year old publically traded company with an A+ BBB rating, was established about 4 years ago.  Lightyear Wireless is likened to a Ground-Floor opportunity with a well-established company backing them.

Lightyear corporate office

80,000 sf. Customer Service Facility, Louisville, KYLightyear_logo

The Three Most Significant Factors in our Choice are that…

1)  Lightyear is the ONLY wholesaler in the “direct sales” market space.  This single factor alone has provided Lightyear with an UNMATCHED ADVANTAGE essentially ELIMINATING ALL COMPETITION in the market space.  This leverage is essential when positioning yourself as an industry leader.

Verizon Sprint

2)  We use Verizon and Sprint the two BEST nationwide networks, not some third-tier limited provider with restrictions! Having lower overhead, Lightyear provides…

“the exact high quality service you would expect from Verizon & Sprint without the contract, and no credit check, at a lower price for greater value.”

3)  Lightyear is creating the most loyal customer base on the planet! Simply refer 3 people on service and you never pay another wireless bill again.

3 and freeThink about it… Why would anyone change service providers when their bill is FREE?

 ”Lightyear is hands-down the most intelligent and profitable business we have seen hit the direct-sales industry in over 15 years.”  Daniel Andersen | Atlas Partners Group